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Molinberry (MB)

Now in South Africa 

Molinberry Ⓡ brand of multipurpouse concentrated flavourings dedicated to various industries.

Molinberry flavours have been created using the wide experience and vast knowledge of two companies: Chemnovatic and Sobucky Poland. Knowing the global market and understanding the demands of individual and business customers perfectly, both companies went beyond expectations and created one of the best flavour ranges in Europe including range dedicated for electronic cigarette market.

The companies’ goal was to create a line of carefully selected concentrates which have the authentic and intensive taste, while maintaining the highest quality and safety of the final products, which is confirmed by valid certificates.

Molinberry flavours range is regularly expanded by new, unusual flavours divided into taste categories: SWEET, MINTS, FRUITS, TOBACCO, DRINKS & M-LINE. In total, there are over 75 original and unique flavours.

The wide range of flavours allows to create perfect compositions of final product. More than that, there is a possibility to create completely new and original flavours according to individual request of every customer.