Tony's Revenge By SteamRoom

This recipe has 2 variations 

1) first one uses malted milk and fresh cream 

This recipe has 2 variations 

1) first one uses malted milk and fresh cream (Top picture)?

2) This variation is the original recipe  ?


(TPA)Acetyl Pyrazine 5% - 1% 

(TPA)Bavarian Cream - 2%

(CAP)Cereal 27 - 5%

(OOO)Cream Milky Undertone PG - 2%

(TPA)Lucky Leprechaun Cereal - 2%

(TPA)Marshmallow - 2%

(CAP)Super Sweet - 0.75%


I personally use half of the acetyl pyrazine (0.5%)

and 1% super sweet. 


If u looking for a more grainy/cerealy  feel stick to 1% acetyl pyrazine as I find that it overpowers the mix. 


Flavour notes: 

Profile Goal: Bottom of the bowl, drenched and drizzled, sweetened cereal milk.

Acetyl Pyrazine
Who doesn't know what AP is anymore?
It's an additive to impart a bready and grainy texture. At 1% it gives the mix a lightly baked characteristic.
It also covers the inclusion of slight berries some users report coming from Capella's Cereal 27.

Capella Cereal 27
This is the foundation the cornflake is built off of. At 5% here it's dominant as we want it to be in the profile.
Lightly sweet with some oat grain. Authentic cornflakes.

Lucky Leprechaun
For me, this is more milk and marshmallow than cereal. It adds smoothness to the recipe and contributes
to the experience by pairing with Milky undertones to add a thick milk base.

One on One Milky Undertones
This could potentially be replaced by FA Fresh Cream or another of your favorite milk bases, But OoO Milky
Undertones fit the profile from version one so I stuck with it. It paid off by contributing a nice dense milky finish.

TFA Bavarian Cream
This also offers to the rounding of the overall profile, Serving as a great blender and smoother for the grains and
the milky finish. It contains a nice low vanilla note barely perceptible but is a great addition to the milk.

TFA Marshmallow
In this mix it thickens and sweetens. Traditional frosted flakes are sweet as hell, But this isn't the final touch that
takes this from a mediocre frosted flakes, To an authentic sweet bowl.

CAP Super Sweet
This is it. This is what the initial mixes I was working on was missing. Being inherently against using sweeteners
for the sake of my coils, I was hesitant to try it. After it's inclusion it brought the entire mix to completion. At just
.5% it works, But .75% was the sweet spot matched side by side with a bowl of frosted flakes cereal milk.