Apple Pie Flavour FA - Boss Vape

Apple Pie Flavour FA

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Apple Pie by Flavour Art

Soft Apple, bakery cinnamon, warm brown, flaky pie crust, slight caramel, hint of buttery notes in the crust.

This is tasty savoury pie crust with a bit of FA’s Apple flavour, a little creaminess, and very little spice. Excellent crust flavour in pie recipes! The apple flavour is easily covered by other fruits, especially dark fruits and berries, so adding a small touch of Apple Pie to your other fruit can turn it into tasty pie. Using Apple Pie with a little Cookie makes a less savoury, “fluffier” crust flavour; try a 2:1 ratio of Apple Pie : Cookie and use under 2% to add cobbler-type crust flavour to your recipe.

Ingredients: Artificial Flavour, Propylene Glycol.

Soluble in water.

Suggested usage: 2-3%


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