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Fuji Apple CAP

  • R 28.00

Capella Fuji Apple Concentrate gives the perfect tart and slightly sour taste of crisp Fuji apples picked straight from the orchard. Fuji is a specific apple variety that is succulent, crisp, fresh and tart; the taste of Capella Fuji Apple Concentrate is very fresh and natural, just like the real fruit. If you love apples, try using Capella Fuji Apple flavour in your next DIY e-liquid recipe; this is the taste that really puts the juicy tang into apple pie or apple crumble e-liquid recipes.

Mixing Guide

Capella’s Fuji Apple is a medium strength flavour. We recommend mixing this between 10% and 15%. When blended with other flavours, Fuji Apple provides added zing which can lift more subtle flavours.

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