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Bavarian Cream Flavor CAP

  • R 28.00

Capella Bavarian Cream Concentrate has a rich and creamy flavour based on the French dessert. It has a taste which is a little bit like custard, but has a creamier texture and rich undertones. Capella Bavarian Cream Concentrate provides the ideal complement to any dessert recipe, because this flavour will give you deep and smooth notes of cream with a slight over-tone of sweetness. Capella Bavarian Cream is recommended for use with other cream and berry flavours and makes a perfect starting point for any complex dessert DIY mix.

Mixing Guide

Capella’s Bavarian Cream is a strong flavouring that can overpower other elements in a mix so should be used sparingly. We recommend mixing this anywhere between 2% and 8% according to taste. Starting at low percentage is advised however, as steeping will intensify the flavour significantly over time.

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