NCV Trinity - Self Made 30ml One Shot

  • R 149.00

  • Original recipe with Kiwi, White Grapes and Strawberries blended to perfection. Enjoy original or add your own ice mix! 
  • 30ML Flavour concentrate : Artificial and Natural Flavourings , Propylene Glycol, Alcohol Free
  • Make over 200mls! 
  • Steeping is required, Shake Well before use and enjoy! 

Mixing Directions:

Recommended mix @14% (70vg/30pg) 

MTL/SALT NIC mix @16% (60vg/40pg)

ADDING ICE/WS-23 mix @1.5% (not included)

30ml make 215ml @ recommended mix
30ml make 180ml @ MTL/SALY NIC mix

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