Tweezers Stainless Steel (Ceramic Tip)

Tweezers Stainless Steel (Ceramic Tip)

  • R 49.00

Material: Stainless Steel + Ceramic
Color: Black
Tweezer is made by high-temperature ceramic-potting baking-resistant. Is difficult, smooth and heat-
resistant, can successfully complete the operation in high-intensity magnetic field, especially apply to
acid and high-temperature welding condition. Ceramic material is an excellent oxidative, hard to produce
ion transfer. And it will not generate static electricity when the transfer contacts the product.

1. Ceramic cusp does not contain magnetism and static electricity, suitable for the precision operation of
sensitive electronic components.
2. The boss has strong resistance to heat, can withstand 1600 °, and rarely brings cracks, able to work
for a long time.
3. This steel adopts high level stainless steel material, which is acid and alkali resistant and anti

This tweezer applies to acid condition, SMD, soldering point, high temperature operation, clean room,
electronic equipment, precision machinery, electronic cigarette, pharmaceutical operation and so on.

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